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Sometimes it becomes a little confusing to know which is the right A1 Tuition product or service for your needs. To make the purchase decision a little easier, we have grouped our offerings in a couple of ways - affordability and focus.

Below is an affordability spectrum that categorises our products and services according to affordability i.e. "how much can I afford to spend"? At the budget end of the pricing spectrum we have posters priced from $4.95 per set. Cram Boxes and study notes are priced at around $10 - $35. At the extreme right are our premium services that can cost in excess of a few hundred dollars. 


education affordability chart



If money is not an issue when it comes to education, but results are, then think of our products and services as having a focus on learning, reinforcement, or both. At both extremes we have our classes - VCE revision and VCE advantage classes. The focus of the VCE revision classes is to prepare for exams and to revise what has been learnt during the year at school. It's not possible to learn a whole semester of work in a 4 hour class, but it is possible to revise and reinforce it. Advantage classes focus on teaching well ahead of class. Students will learn a whole VCE unit within 15 hours. Tutoring can be used to fill gaps and revise past concepts (reinforcement), but also for covering material ahead of class (learning).


reinforcement learning timeline