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We employ over 80 tutors in five categories. Practically all of our tutors are native English speakers with excellent English skills.


Victoria's top VCE performers.

Our undergraduates have recently completed the VCE and are currently studying at Melbourne's most prestigious tertiary institutions, most undergoing a double degree. All of our undergraduate tutors have achieved a TER or ENTER score in excess of 95, ranking them in the top 5% of school leavers in Victoria. Due to their recent completion of the VCE, they are highly familiar with the VCE curriculum and have an in depth understanding of the requirements and pressures faced by current VCE students, and so, are able to service pupils from the perspective of a peer.


Tertiary qualified.

Graduates have completed at least one tertiary qualification. Our graduates are currently in the workforce or undertaking further studies such as a Diploma of Education, Honours or Masters in their field of studies. Graduates are mature aged, and therefore, can provide a more balanced view on issues such as life after the VCE, university life, course information and workforce issues.

Solid understanding of the requirements of the student.

Our teachers are not limited to those who have a teaching qualification. We also classify tutors as being teachers if they have experience in teaching in a classroom environment, be it at university or TAFE.  Either way, having experience teaching in a classroom environment, ensures that this category of tutor has a solid understanding of the requirements of the student. Those teachers who teach at a tertiary level can provide students with invaluable guidance as to what is or will be expected of them at tertiary level from a teachers/assessors point of view.

Academically most qualified.

Our academics are all tertiary graduates who have completed a Masters degree or PhD - the pinnacle in academia. Being experts in their fields, academics possess a comprehensive understanding of their particular subjects and can assist students by providing a thorough and deep explanation of what the subject is about and where it may lead. We don't have any "mad professor" type tutors, although if we did, they would fall under this category.


Premium category of tutor.

Full service tuition.


Presenters as at January 1 2010:







To qualify as a presenter, a tutor has to be highly experienced, familiar with the VCE syllabus and have presented an A1 Tuition VCE revision class.

The minimum lesson length with a Presenter is 1˝ hours per session, and includes a complimentary set of specially designed, full colour and very comprehensive revision notes for each topic of the subject tutored.  Pupils keep these notes to use for further study and as part of the revision process. A student having weekly tuition with a presenter throughout the year will accumulate over 150 pages of notes. Students who are tutored by our presenters would, theoretically, not require any additional resources as this is a full service package.

Sharing a presenter with a friend or two significantly reduces the cost per student. All students in the group receive their own personal copy of the notes as well as a Revision Class ticket each.  



All our tutors personally choose the subjects that they tutor. This ensures that the tutor that is assigned to you will be confident and knowledgeable in the subject that you require assistance in.


When assigning a tutor to you, we ask for your preference as to the category of tutor that you prefer. However, there may be times, depending on the subject and location where you live, that we may have to assign a tutor that may not be your preferred choice. We reserve the right to do this, and you will be informed when this is to occur.


Most of our members are VCE students, and one of the most commonly asked questions is "are your tutors familiar with the VCE system?" or "Are the undergraduates or graduate tutors any good?" The undergraduates that we employ finished their final year of high school in the top 5% of the state. They have been through the system themselves, completing it to a very high standard. We have a number of past members who are now employed by us as tutors. There is a common saying that says "practice makes perfect". The large number of members that we service, exposes our tutors to many different students, from a variety of schools requiring assistance in many different areas. As a result, the longer our tutors are with us the more experience and knowledge they have, regardless of whether they are undergraduates, graduates, teachers or academics.


We aim to ensure that all our members receive the highest possible service from us at all times. As mentioned previously, our screening process ensures that our tutors are very knowledgeable and specialise in the subjects they give lessons in. However, from time to time, communication problems may initially occur, since a teaching style of a particular tutor may not be complementary to a particular client’s requirements. If this is to occur, we can be contacted and will do our best to fulfil client requests, since client satisfaction is very important to us. Due to the number of tutors we have available, in most cases it is possible to have the tutor replaced by another. Furthermore, client feedback is highly encouraged, if there are any queries or dissatisfaction with any aspect of our service, we can be contacted in order to help resolve the problem.